Fit Pregnancy – Where Do We Find Inspiration?

Suz McCarthy at RBSSC

When we are trying to have a fit pregnancy where do we find the inspiration? These days a lot of our inspiration seems to be generated by social media. What are the celebrities, fitness gurus and even our own friends and family doing to get fit and stay in shape? How wonderful is it that we can switch on our phones and we instantly have all this fantastic inspiration and fit pregnancy advice at our fingertips? All ready to help us get out the door and achieve our own fitness goals.

How often though is this taken too far? How much do we look at some of these superhuman woman and instead of inspiring us it makes our own attempts at gaining fitness, losing weight or achieving success seem inadequate or not up to standard?

Take Jacinda Ahern for example. What an amazing woman! As Prime Minister for New Zealand she stayed leading the country right up to going into hospital and is now currently on 6 weeks maternity leave before returning to work. Full credit to her and showing the country that just because you want to have a baby it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a career or go back to work straight away. When I reflect back on my first trimester though I just can’t work out how she managed in such a demanding job let alone the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Then going back to work after only 6 weeks. I think with my first pregnancy I was still working my new boobs out at 6 weeks let alone thinking about earning an income.

Then there is exercising to have a fit pregnancy both pre and post partum. I recall one day when I was about 12 weeks pregnant and I had just finished at the pool where I had completed 30 minutes of aqua jogging broken down into 6 x 5 minutes. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as having suffered from almost constant nausea during my first trimester I was just happy to have got moving and completed something that to be honest I found quite challenging. I had only just walked out the doors though when I looked on Instagram and saw the account of a woman who at around 8 months pregnant was posting about running 10km on a treadmill. So whilst I found this pretty impressive it was hard not to compare my own training session which was alot less demanding and I was far less pregnant than she was!

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It’s these extreme examples that are just that – the extreme end of the scale. Whilst we should applaud these woman we must also remember that they are the minority and we shouldn’t use them to set our own measure of success.

One Instagramming celebrity that I particularly like is Tiffany Hall who was one of the Personal Trainers on the Biggest Loser. If there was anyone that you would think would have a fit pregnancy and put on little weight and bounce back quickly from having a baby it would be her. Yet her posts post birth were very real and realistic around the weight she had gained and her 8 month journey to get her body back. Very impressive still but a more realistic representation on the time it takes to find your body again even with some serious hard work put in. Thanks Tiff!

So just remember ladies that we don’t always see the full story behind the smiling Instagram photos and it takes hard work and time to regain our bods post baby. Applaud those supermums that bounce back with ease but be inspired by those that slog it out and get the results from months and sometimes years of hard work and effort.

Be your own cheerleader.

Suz xx

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