How to Survive Your First Noosa Triathlon

The Noosa Triathlon is Australia’s largest triathlon event and first timers will undoubtedly find it both exciting and daunting at the same time. There are so many triathletes in and around Noosa; looking through the expo and then out on the course on race day that the sheer size of the event can be intimidating.

Our goal at Miss Multisport is to help as many ladies as possible feel prepared for their first Noosa Triathlon. If you can make our upcoming Noosa Triathlon Camp starting on the 29th of September we will help you work through your nerves and hopefully give you as much confidence as possible when race day comes around. If you aren’t able to make it along to the camp hopefully these tips below will help you to survive your first Noosa Triathlon. Happy racing!


Get Involved

Noosa CritieriumThe atmosphere over the triathlon weekend is like nothing else you will experience at a race in Australia. There are numerous events to get involved in including events for the whole family  with the 1000m ocean swim on Friday afternoon and the Superkidz and Special Triathlons on the Saturday morning.

You can almost take your mind off your race completely with the activities on offer and getting involved in the festival activities is a great way to unwind and take the pressure off. For those that enjoy a bit of action head out to Noosa Parade on Saturday afternoon. Starting from 1:30pm there are the Men’s and Women’s Criterium, Noosa 5km Bolt and the Legends Triathlon. All of which are a great opportunity to watch some of Australia’s leading runners and cyclists in action.


With all the action on offer it can be easy to forget to hydrate. And the race is known to be hot! Don’t ruin all your hard work by spending too long in the sun, walking around and forgetting to drink. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and then forget why you are there in the first place.


The Race – Noosa Triathlon

The Swim

If you are not a confident swimmer then start out wide in the swim. There are thousands of people to get through the swim course and you will find your wave will have 100-200 people. This is a lot of elbows flying around! Try to get into the water before the race starts. Get in, put your head under, blow some bubbles and make sure you are feeling comfortable before you start swimming with the masses. And remember to breathe!

The Noosa swim course is beach start so you will have some waves to get through before you reach your first buoy. Your heart rate will shoot up for this first section of the swim. Concentrate on getting out to the first buoy and try to stay calm. Remember your heart rate will come down as you get through the first section and are able to start trying to relax.

The Cycle

During the bike leg your safety should be your first priority. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes on the cyclists around you. There are a lot of people out there and many who are fairly new to cycling so be aware especially on the roundabouts and the downhill sections.

The first part of the bike leg is a draft legal zone so save some energy and tuck in behind another cyclist. This zone runs through the shops at Noosaville and ends when you reach the roundabout at Tewantin.

The Run

Noosa Tri RunThe run is flat but it’s hot! Thankfully you’ll find the Noosa locals are very friendly and several will have their hoses and sprinklers out for you to cool off. There are no secrets to the run course. Just hang tough and look forward to the incredible feelings of elation you feel as you cross that finish line and celebrate with your family and friends!

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