Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

The other day I took my just turned 2 year old son Finn to the Bouncy Cushion at Southport on the Gold Coast. This is just like a giant tramp and he absolutely loves it. Jumping around like the other kids, falling over then jumping up again laughing. Me, on the other hand I spent my time trying not to fall over and worrying that he was going to do a big face plant into the sand below. I was reflecting about this on the way home and realised that the falling down part was a big part of the fun, just as it was when I was a kid. I had been acting like too much of an adult and trying to stay in control instead of letting go and allowing myself to fall over.

comfort zoneIs this not reflective of many things in our lives as adults? Where we like to stay in control and not step outside of our comfort zone?

Over my last 10 years of coaching triathlon and running beginner courses I have heard from many people who would love to try a triathlon but are hesitant to take that first step. Sometimes it’s a fear of not being able to keep up with others, other times a fear of what other people will think but often it just comes back to feeling uncomfortable doing something different. I think that most of the time that we start doing something we realise that any fears weren’t justified.

I am yet to meet someone that has regretted taking that first step and starting out in triathlons or multisport. For those that keep going it can be a life changer. They meet new friends, start a healthier lifestyle, lose weight and gain more confidence.

If you are thinking about trying something new stop and think about what’s stopping you. Could you be missing out on something great by your fears holding you back? With many great events out there now that you can be a part of we hope to see you out there soon!

Miss Multisport x

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