The Fist Pump Session

The Fist Pump SessionHave you ever been returning from injury or trying to make a comeback from pregnancy and every session you do just feels hard? This was me three days ago when I found a 1 minute run / 1 minute walk session that covered a total distance of 4km a challenge. When you are physically not the person you once were it can be difficult to stay in the present and not compare yourself to where you used to be as well as where you want to be. On this particular day I could have easily fallen into some negative self-talk and lamented the fact that running felt uncomfortable and I was only covering 4km where I used to run marathons. But I resisted and three days later I was out again doing the exact same session. Then it happened…


This is the session where all of a sudden POW! you feel amazing. Suddenly I was running! Still slowly but I all of a sudden I felt like a runner again. Running had suddenly turned from an uncomfortable shuffle to a run and I was in LOVE!

Thankfully my run took me through the wetlands so there wasn’t anyone around to see the jumps for joy and if there was they would likely have received a high five. This is the essence of the fist pump session. It makes you realise why you are there in the first place and why you love it so much.

The moral of this story is be patient, don’t give up and one day, it could be just around the corner, will be your fist pump session. When it arrives give it a big high five from me!

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