Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

I have heard many a multisport athlete say, ‘I’m training a lot, but I am not losing weight’. Upon further investigation, this often relates to a mindset of eating what they want because they’re training at a high volume. No amount of training will compensate for a poor diet. If you decide your goal is losing weight, then it is a combination of a healthy diet and a proper training schedule. There is no point burning a thousand calories if you then go and eat a meal that contains 2000 calories.

I have a good general knowledge of what people should eat and what they shouldn’t. However, for specific meal plans and expert advice I always refer them to a professional such as the team from Apple to Zucchini nutrition.

losing weightSomething to also remember is that the number on the scales doesn’t always reflect our fitness. It is not uncommon for people to drop body fat and add lean muscle. When this happens, the scales will often say you have put on weight. This is great productive tissue. When you increase lean muscle mass and drop body fat you’ll find your clothes fit you better, you feel stronger and you recover better.

So, it’s not just about what the scales say. It is about being a healthy weight and a weight that is right for you and your body. Train smart, eat well and you’ll find your body will settle at its natural weight.

MM xx

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