Online Triathlon Coaching

So you’ve set your sights on your next goal, you’re feeling motivated, you have your new runners, neon training clothes and fancy smart watch all ready. But now what? How do you get started towards training for your kickass event?

This is where I can help you with online triathlon coaching. Whether it’s your first 5km run, Sprint Triathlon or even an Ironman I’ll help you plan your training and provide coaching and advice. Topics that we can cover include:

  • Training though pregnancy and postpartum;
  • Balancing training with family and work;
  • What to wear to not only look good but to be comfortable;
  • Training principles including how much, how hard and what training you should be doing; and
  • Nutrition and how to fuel your body for training and racing.

What’s Involved

At Miss Multisport it’s not just about a training program but about providing you with the support to train towards your event. You often hear people speak about empowering women and to us that means educating our clients on all aspects of training so that the improvements they make are sustainable. Women are our focus because we want to see more women out competing in multisport and show the World that yes you can have it all. You can be a mother, wife, career women, caregiver, athlete and more!

Our online triathlon coaching includes a weekly program written specifically for you. It includes the training that you need for your event plus works around every other aspect of your life. The training program will fit into your life not the other way around! Now here is where the coaching comes in – to achieve this balance we need to have regular contact with you either via phone, email or SMS. This is so we know where you are at, if the training is working and if we are getting the balance right. The amount of communication is up to you but the more the better!

Contact Us

If you are interested in talking to us about your goals we would love you to get in touch. Just fill in your details below and let’s get started!