Sprint Triathlon Program

You can do a triathlon! With the help of our sprint triathlon program you can finish a triathlon in just twelve weeks.

If you are new to triathlon, it can be daunting to try to work out what training you should be doing across the swim, bike and run. Our twelve week sprint triathlon program will not only provide you with your training sessions but it will give you all the tips and tricks you need for a successful race day.

This program is suitable for all triathlon distances Sprint distance and under. A sprint triathlon is a 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run but races can start from as little as a 100m swim, 4km bike and 1km run and are achievable for anyone.


Before You Begin

Before starting this program, you should be in good health and injury free. To be able to complete the beginner level sessions you need to be able to swim 50m non-stop and your general fitness should allow for 20 minutes of non-stop cycling and 5 minutes of continuous running.

The program is semi-customised and we will need a few details from you to ensure you can get the most out of your program. The form below will allow us to customise the sessions to suit your current fitness and skill level plus ensure the training sessions are scheduled when you are available.


What We Need From You

In the form below you will find five sections that will provide us with the information we need from you to create your semi-customised sprint triathlon program. These details are:

Swimming Ability

  • Beginner – can swim a minimum of 50m without stopping. Need regular breaks.
  • Intermediate – can swim 500m without stopping (speed doesn’t matter). Comfortable in the water.
  • Advanced – confident swimmer and have previously swum in squads or at school.

Cycling Ability

  • Beginner – new to cycling.
  • Intermediate – comfortable on the bike eg. commute to work.
  • Advanced – Experienced cyclist, have ridden in groups before and comfortable riding distances of 40+km.

Running Ability

  • Beginner – Can run non-stop for 5 minutes but need regular walking breaks for distances any longer.
  • Intermediate – Able to run non-stop for 30+ minutes and have completed 5km and over running events.
  • Advanced – Can run 10km in under 55 minutes.

Training Volume

Please indicate how many training sessions you are able to complete each week. This will vary depending on your other commitments.

Training Availability

Please indicate what mornings and evenings you are available to train. The sessions will only be scheduled during these times. Please hold down the CTRL button to select multiple times.